As Katanning is the Centre of Merino Sheep breeding in WA Dr Maxwell has developed specialised skills in the treatment of sheep diseases and surgery of the sheep.

Diagnostic Procedures

  • comprehensive clinical examination,
  • radiography,
  • ultrasonography,
  • pathology and clinical pathology test including blood tests.

Sheep Consultancy

Dr Maxwell pioneered Sheep Consultancy in Western Australian during the 1960 -70's. He developed methods of reducing lamb losses and pioneered the use of the trace element Selenium.

Surgery Procedures

  • Orthopaediac surgery,
  • Ophthalmic surgery,
  • Cancer surgery,
  • Joint surgery,
  • Thoratic surgery and abdominal surgery.
  • Upper respiratory surgery.

Bull Eye Surgery

Performing eye surgery in a secured crush.

Sheep broken back leg

Sheep Boken Back Leg.

Merino sheep surgery on the eye

Sheep Eye Surgery