Our Services.

The Katanning Regional Veterinary Hospital provides a comprehensive veterinary service to both small and large animals as well as farm livestock.

Large Animals Livestock


  • Diagnostics & Consultations
  • Radiology
  • Dentistry
  • Pregnancy & Fertility testing
  • Surgery
    [small and large animal]
  • Vaccination
  • Nutrition & Dietry Advice
  • Breeding & Animal Husbandry

When you visit Katanning Regional Veterinary Hospital you can be assured of quality service in a first-class facility. And your animals' health problem will be dealt with in-house.

The facility is equipped to conduct the full range of diagnostic and surgical procedures for all small and large animal problems.

Additional Services We Offer:

Grroming is carried out mainly for therapeutic reasons, any dog who needs to be sedated is immediately attended to, in order to avoid unnecessary distress to the dog.

Full Boarding facilities are available. In addition to having a veterinarian daily in attendance, each dog has individual runs for the day and individual night caging so that feeding can be monitored, fighting prevented and mishaps such as mismating and escape of the dog can be avoided.

Each dog/ cat is treated as an individual and individually housed and exercised in fresh air and bedded down indoors at night for maximum safety and the animals comfort. This is of course labour intensive, but for best care of your valued pet, and a hassle free stay while you the owners are away, we believe that this is the only proper way to ensure maximum safety for your pets welfare.

Faecal Worm Egg Count
To assist the farmer make proper decisioin regarding worm drenching of his sheep, worm egg counting is routinely done on the premises.

On-Farm Visits
Yes, we do on-farm visits. However, in Australia, unlike the UK, where farms are usually within a short distance from the practice, and the value of the individual animal is very high, the cost of providing an on-farm service is expensive.

Petrol is costly, and distances are great so travel costs are high. Also not all farmers have good facilities and farm accidents are common. Vets often do work in unsafe facilities for the handling and treating of farm animals, and to reduce the considerable cost of on-farm service. Over the years we have reduced the number of farm-calls by providing approriate facilities here at our Regional Veterinary Hospital.

Bringing your cow/sheep/pig/goat in for treatment benefits you the client because you have the treatment done safely to both the animal and the Veterinarian. The owners of the hospital have gone to this expense to save you, the farmer, from the expense of travel costs getting the Veterinarian to and from your farm. However, an on-farm service is available if required.

At our Veterinary Facility you will find;

  • loading ramps,
  • cattle yards and
  • crush under cover.
There is ample parking for trucks and horse floats. The property has fully fenced paddocks and smaller yards for holding.

Horse Head

Sinus Surgery

Surgery 3

Bowel Surgery

Surgery 2

Orthopaedic Surgery

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